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Online therapeutic support in English
for help with issues you may be dealing with today or from your past


Most people know that something needs to change in their lives but can find it hard to work through issues on their own.

Therapeutic support can help to untangle the muddle in our minds and in our hearts so that you feel more in control and at ease with your life choices.

Focus areas could include: recent or past trauma (complex/developmental trauma), relationships, codependency, abuse (past and present), communication difficulties, neurodivergence (such as ADHD, autism), burn out, life transitions, parenting, chronic pain and physical health.

My name is Janine Miller and, as a UK-trained and UKCP accredited psychotherapist, now based in Sweden,

I can offer a supportive, empathic, gently challenging and confidential space for you to work through whatever it is you need to work through.

To make contact send me a message via this website or email me at

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